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CoolCheck is the market leading paperless temperature monitoring system, automating the process in controlled storage and testing environments within the Food and Healthcare sector.

The CoolCheck system complies with industry best practice for the safe storage of food, medicines & vaccines, blood, lab samples. It will reduce product wastage associated with fridge failure.


How CoolCheck can Help You:

  • Quality Control

         Protects the integrity of the products

  • Cost

    Reduced product/sample wastage

  • Reliability

    Real-time, web-based temperature monitoring system

  • Traceability

    Live data history available on-line

  • Productivity

    Removes time consuming paper records


The broad scope of applications includes fridges, freezers, incubators, water baths, liquid nitrogen tanks, oxygen, C02 amongst others.

CoolCheck for Temperature Mapping

With CoolCheck, automated temperature monitoring system, users are empowered to carry out their own mapping activities, as and when required, in a cost effective manner with little investment of their own time.

Traditionally, hospital pharmacies and laboratories have incurred significant costs by employing the services of third party consultants to perform the mapping exercise which typically comes at a large expense. Pre-configured wireless mapping sensors are placed in cold storage areas for a defined period of time, reducing cost and time spent.

During the mapping period the CoolCheck sensors will record the temperature data – this data will be instantly available on the Kelsius Web Portal, accessible from any web enabled device.

Benefits of the CoolCheck Mapping Sensors

  • Cuts costs associated with third party mapping

  • Minimal set up time

  • Mapping reports available within 20 minutes of mapping exercise being completed

  • Access to reports 24x7x365

  • Paperless archiving

  • Automatic record of door opening events.

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