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THREESIXO is a young, dynamic, energetic and vibrant consultancy company. Established in 2014, THREESIXO main focus is to improve Quality throughout all business areas by implementing Quality Management Systems.


THREESIXO offers tailor-made Quality Management Systems solutions to its clients, along with complementary ancillary services. 


At THREESIXO we always strive for excellence in anything we do and constantly looking to improve our services and better ourselves to offer an unmatched service experience to our clients. THREESIXO boasts a team of international professionals that are ready to assist you and your company to reach and exceed your full potential. 


Today THREESIXO assists and advises a wide portfolio of clients, including some market leaders in the food, hospitality, production and services industries. 


THREESIXO will help your business grow and achieve its full potential in respect to Quality, Customer Satisfaction and Profitability.  


Malta is a small, developed, democratic Mediterranean island nation, positioned between Europe and North Africa. Malta became a fully-fledged member of the European Union in 2004, and became a full member of the Schengen Area in 2008.


The Republic of Malta is an archipelago that lies at the centre of the Mediterranean, 93km south of Sicily and 288km north of Africa. The archipelago is composed of three islands: Malta, Gozo and Comino with a total population of slightly more than 405,000 inhabitants over an area of 316sq km and a coastline of 196.8km. The long relationship between the Maltese and the various nationalities that occupied Malta over the centuries has created a marriage of styles and traditions, giving the Islands a fascinating eclectic culture.


Malta has a long history of trade and commerce with both the European and African continents and in the last 20 years has transformed itself and its economy into a center for services of all kinds, from financial sector services to iGaming and ICT, as well as being a very favourable tax regime in full compliance to EU law.


Geographic location, political stability, educated workforce and a beneficial tax framework are just a few of the benefits of living and investing in Malta.







We believe that honesty is the key for long term relationships with our clients


We work hand in hand with our clients to meet thier needs



We give our very best to our clients with no if's and but's and always according to law

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